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What software allows you to make a powerpoint presentation more like a movie?

Friday, December 13th, 2013

Question by OGuriya: What software allows you to make a powerpoint presentation more like a movie?
I have to do a powerpoint on the Maya for my Spanish class. I didnt want to the same old,long, boring presentations. I remember last year, one of my friends used a software that made the powerpoint presentation more like a movie. I havent been able to contact that friend but I was hoping others may know the software he used.

Best answer:

Answer by Jason M
You can use windows movie maker. Go to start, programs, accessories, windows movie maker. Once you save it it can be played in media player on any windows computer.

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Talygen Helps Companies Track Time More Efficiently

Thursday, August 1st, 2013

Palo Alto, CA (PRWEB) July 05, 2013

Talygen has released the new version of its award winning Business Management Automation application, with a strong focus on Time Tracking. Talygen has been an industry leader from the beginning in helping companies Track Time via our state of the art web, desktop and mobile based time tracking solutions. With the release of its latest version Talygen has taken that strong heritage in Time Tracking and enhanced it even further to help companies have even more control. Companies now also have the ability to immediately share the billable hours with their Clients, to ensure accurate billing. Clients also have been provided with a dedicated Client Module, which allows them to quickly view the hours worked on their projects as well as the desktop screenshots of the work performed. These advanced features along with a Ticketing system, Message Board, and an Expense Tracker allow Companies to focus more on productivity and efficiency.

Talygen provides the most advanced state Time Tracking module available in the market. What makes Talygen unique is the focus that it has placed on the user experience. The Time Tracker is easy to setup and use and has a very low learning curve. The Time Tracker is very flexible and allows an employee to track time for a project or even for a task. The employee can also mark the time tracked as billable or non-billable. Employees also have the ability to manually enter their time. The time entry can be paused and resumed to help employees who are multi-tasking. With a desktop version and a smartphone version of the Time Tracker module available, along with standard web version, Employees can track time anywhere and anytime.

The advanced Time Tracking module is loaded with features like:

Where can I get a snow backround for my PowerPoint 97, and how can I make it more exciting?

Wednesday, July 24th, 2013

Question by modyl: Where can I get a snow backround for my PowerPoint 97, and how can I make it more exciting?
I need a snow backround or somthing to do with Winter for PowerPoint 97. And a few tips to make it exciting and fun.

Best answer:

Answer by _-Matt-_
If you need a backround for a powerpoint try photobucket. And to make it exciting get some moving pictures.

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Pocket Mariners SeaNav app Updated to Provide Boaters Even More Accurate Charting and Navigation

Friday, July 12th, 2013

Wales, UK (PRWEB) June 19, 2013

Pocket Mariners recently launched SeaNav app, with versions for both the US and UK/Ireland, has been updated to offer a more complete charting and navigation toolkit for boaters. To improve navigation and collision avoidance when out of reach of cell phone coverage, SeaNav — together with Pocket Mariners Boat Beacon app — can now also use on-board live VHF AIS data feeds. The app also now enables sailors to jump directly to specific locations using latitude and longitude searches and has been extended for use on iPods as well as iPhone and iPad.

SeaNav was designed to enable boaters to explore, plan and navigate their boating trips in real-time and high-resolution using the latest up to date Digital Vector Marine charts covering the US coastlines and Great Lakes or the UK and Ireland. Pocket Mariner has successfully completed sea trials of the new local AIS feature with Lowrance, Simrad and B&Gs GoFree wireless systems, as well as with easyAIS and Digital Yacht.

Robert Langford-Wood Product Manager for GoFree Technology said: Applications such as SeaNav and Boat Beacon, when combined with GoFree wireless, allow boaters to make the most out of their Lowrance, Simrad and B&G chartplotters and AIS systems away from the helm. It means that every member of the crew can have a navigators eye view, increasing safety and enjoyment out on the water a great innovation!

SeaNav works best when paired with Pocket Mariners Boat Beacon, which has become an enormously popular app among sailors for its simple-to-use location sharing and real-time Map View of both the users and other nearby boats via AIS. Together, SeaNav and Boat Beacon provide a powerful set of charting, navigation and location-sharing tools. While Boat Beacon provides SeaNav with its AIS data and alarms, Boat Beacon gets marine charts and routes from SeaNav. The two apps share hot-jump buttons that ensure they are both on the same location and at the same zoom level on the map.

Key features of SeaNav include:

Route Planning and real time tracking including Waypoints, SOG, COG, ETA, CTE etc.
Route and Track export, import and sharing.
Charts downloaded and stored on device so they work without mobile coverage!
Seamless fast panning and zooming across charts.
Live AIS Ship positions overlaid from Pocket Mariners Boat Beacon app.
Configurable layers; buoys, lights, depths, rocks, wrecks, anchorage areas etc.
Automatic Chart updates.

SeaNav has two versions, SeaNav US which uses NOAA charts providing complete coverage of USA and Great Lakes and free chart updates for life. SeaNav UK uses UKHO Admiralty charts and includes the complete set of charts for the UK and Ireland plus a year of free chart updates in the one-off price. New versions of the app with charts for other countries and regions are in the works.

Both versions are available from the App Store for iPhone, iPad, and in this latest version on an iPod touch, for US$ 9.99 and

MegaMeeting.com Provides National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration with Means to Conduct More Face-to-Face Meetings

Tuesday, June 25th, 2013

Sherman Oaks, CA (PRWEB) September 12, 2012

When a business has multiple team members living in different areas of the nation, it is often difficult to maintain the same type of personal interaction a team would develop when working out of the same office. This is an extremely important part of doing business, especially when the work you provide is about building relationships and bringing people together. At the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), a government agency dedicated to enriching life through science, maintaining a personal element in their business communication is a necessary part of the collaborative work they provide to the community.

Recently, NOAA began using MegaMeeting.com, a web-based video conferencing solution, throughout many departments within the organization. Some of the areas of NOAA utilizing the video & web conferencing services include the administrative department and the management/coordination departments. Our work is about building relationships. Bringing people together will always be an essential part of that. Stated Nicole Bartlett, NOAA Regional Coordinator, As our resources are further constrained, MegaMeeting.com helps us maintain that personal element which is so important to collaborative work.

Prior to adopting MegaMeeting.com into their business practice, the staff at NOAA made do with conference calls because the video teleconferencing system offered by the government was very expensive, offered limited access and could only be used from specific locations. In addition, scheduling meetings for these locations and finding available times for their group to meet was extremely cumbersome. Now, by using MegaMeeting.com they are no longer faced with those limitations.

MegaMeeting.com is 100% web-based, making it simple for remote employees to connect in an instant. The built-in video feeds, ability to share PowerPoint presentations and screen sharing are all tools now used by NOAA employees to conduct company meetings, training and team coordination.

Bartlett went on to say, Each month we convene a team of 15 people located from Virginia through Maine using MegaMeeting.com. It allows us to “see” each other despite the fact that we only meet in person once a year. We use the screen sharing to share team and project updates, as well as train the team on new NOAA products. Bartlett is also trying to encourage the use of MegaMeeting.com beyond their team.

About MegaMeeting.com (http://www.MegaMeeting.com)

Founded in 2003, MegaMeeting.com is a leading provider of 100% browser-based web & video conferencing solutions complete with real time audio and video capabilities. MegaMeeting.com is a completely browser-based solution that works on all major operating systems Windows, Mac & Linux as well as iPhones, iPads and Android enabled tablets or mobile devices. MegaMeeting.com provides universal access without the need to download, install or configure software. Their web conferencing products and services include powerful collaboration tools that accommodate robust video & web conferences, including advanced features such as desktop/application sharing, i.e. Word and Excel documents and PowerPoint presentations without the need to upload any files. MegaMeeting.com is ideal for multi-location web based meetings, virtual classrooms, employee trainings, product demonstrations, company orientation, customer support, product launches and much more.

For more information please visit http://www.megameeting.com or call (818) 783-4311.

Homes in Mayfair Now Employ More Domestic Staff than in Georgian Times Report Wetherell

Tuesday, May 21st, 2013

London, UK (PRWEB UK) 2 May 2013

From census figures, sales information and market knowledge, Wetherell have complied new data research that calculates that there are over 4,360 homes in the 285 acres (0.45 square miles) that form Mayfair. The borders of Mayfair are Park Lane, Oxford Street, Regent Street and Piccadilly. Within these borders, Wetherell calculate that four out of five private apartment owners (some 3,100 homes) and nine of out ten house owners (around 350 houses) in Mayfair employ professional and domestic staff.

For a typical large Mayfair apartment, priced from

Is there any way to add more than two mp3 songs to a PowerPoint presentation without them overlapping?

Sunday, May 19th, 2013

Question by Dani: Is there any way to add more than two mp3 songs to a PowerPoint presentation without them overlapping?
I want multiple songs on my presentation but only two will work without overlapping. I have the newest PowerPoint.

Best answer:

Answer by Lisa

see the tips~~ have fun!

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EMR News Website by Nitin Chhoda Reveals More Benefits of Implementing EMR System to Physical Therapists

Thursday, May 9th, 2013

Denville, NJ (PRWEB) April 24, 2013

Electronic claim submission capabilities allow clinic owners to file for reimbursement from any location with Internet access. The system enables payers to deliver crucial correspondence and responses through the same claim submission system, said Chhoda.

EMR News website, created by marketing expert Nitin Chhoda, have uncovered an inside-concern focused on physical therapy billing and how it is affecting the turnaround time of a patients bill. EMR which stands for electronic medical records has been labelled as The Future of Physical Therapy. It lists how EMR software offers superior coding to reduce denial and errors that is supported by Nitin Chhoda, who clarifies this statement by saying: Ive been testing a brand new EMR system thats fully integrated with billing and its mind-blowing. It uses cutting-edge technology and is engineered using an advanced technology like Java and responsive web design. It is, to physical therapy documentation, what Gmail was to email. For you, that means a simple, sleek and clean interface and not the clutter one that overwhelms you with what you normally expect. This shows that the general improvement in the medical software industry. EMR is rapidly improving, technically and helps our ecosystem as well.

According to Chhoda, the website clarifies the large factors that prove electronic medical record software to be beneficial to any medical practitioner. He is just one of the many experts in this field that sees the future potential of EMR systems in a medical work environment. It is shown that during the implementation process, the use of physical therapy billing with EMR can be reduced up to 15% of costs compared to the paper or manual physical therapy billing. Another beneficial factor in electronic billing is the security of information. Electronic claim submissions via EMRs are HIPAA-compliant, an extremely high and secure ranking for any electronic-medical service.

Chhoda also enlists the fact that old and out-dated medical record system that contain hidden-costs shall slowly be a thing of the past – this system shall be replaced with newer, web-based systems that shall stamp-out the surprise of hidden costs.

Here are just a few benefits of using an EMR system for physical therapy management and billing:

iPhone, iPod, iPad USB Ac/Car Adapters, Cases, Headphones & more (Se Portland )

Sunday, April 14th, 2013

iPhone, iPod, iPad USB Ac/Car Adapters, Cases, Headphones & more (Se Portland )

All of my accessories are brand new and in high-quality. Call or text me at anytime.

USB (standard length)

USB (extra long 6 ft) – black in color

Air conditioning Adapter

Car adapter

Headphones with microphone and volume controller

I also have many cases. Check out the link below for pics and prices of the cases.




Portland, USA

Is it worth paying more for an ipad with retina display and the latest ios?

Wednesday, March 27th, 2013

Question by LoveMusicLoveMakeup: Is it worth paying more for an ipad with retina display and the latest ios?
Christmas is coming and I was thinking about getting an ipad, but they are so much money, and getting an expensive one would mean I can’t have a birthday gift next year in February. Is it worth paying £70 more for an ipad with the more updated software (IOS6) and a clearer camera (‘Retina display’) I am talking about ‘The new iPad with retina display’ it is the more updated version to the ipad 3rd gen but its not called the 4th generation? Is it worth it?

Best answer:

Answer by Murzy
if you can afford it, it always pays to buy the best

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