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Powerpoint question (10 pts to best answer)?

Sunday, February 9th, 2014

Question by UrWifey: Powerpoint question (10 pts to best answer)?
So I have microsoft powerpoint 2003 and i was doing my powerpoint for school… I tried to save it and then all of a sudden it said “Microsoft Office Powerpoint has encountered a problem and needs to close, we are sorry for the inconvenience.” Is there anyway I can get my information back?? I spent forever on it!! Somebody please help me!!! :( (

Now when I try to make a new slide show nothing else works!
is there any absoulte way i can get it back??

Best answer:

Answer by dhvrm
Autosave may have preserved it.


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Inskin Cosmedics Launches This Year’s Best Christmas Skincare Gifts Packs from the World’s Most Sought after Brands, Emerginc, O Cosmedics, Foot Peel and Minx Bronzing

Thursday, December 5th, 2013

Sydney, Australia (PRWEB) October 31, 2013

Inskin Cosmedics, leading Australian beauty distributor is proud to present Christmas across their sought after brands O Cosmedics, emerginC signature range & scientific organics, Foot Peel and Minx Bronzing.

In an exclusive offer, Inskin Cosmedics has top to toe beauty covered, with the ultimate focus on skin solutions, healthy skin and active ingredients. Christmas at Inskin is beautifully presented in European luxury travel bags guaranteed to leave any recipient feeling loved and truly spoilt.

Inskin Cosmedics Christmas collection includes FOUR generous offers from O Cosmedics its very own leading Australian cosmedical skin care line. Sold only by professionals only O Cosmedics proudly presents an impressive line-up of skin transforming offers.

Pack ONE

Healthy skin depends on a two-prong approach, the first starts in-clinic where a skin therapist diagnoses and prescribes an effective professional treatment; the second is home maintenance where more than 70% of treatment results can be enjoyed long-term. This Christmas you get to enjoy both. With every purchase of a skin health prescription kit you get a corrective O pomegranate or pumpkin enzyme peel treatment totally free. RRP $ 99

Pack TWO

Angelina and Brad both agree skin needling is a very effective, non-invasive anti-aging treatment, O skin experts have seen the transforming benefits of the O-Biotic serums, put them together and you get a the ultimate gift of skin health. This Christmas when you purchase any one of the O-Biotics serum you receive totally FREE a DNC skin-inject for homecare use. Valued at $ 99


The O Christmas Lux Travel Bag includes best sellers, Gentle Antioxidant Cleanser, 3 in 1 Fruit Peel Mask, the new O-Biotic Comfort Cream and the Tinted Mineral Pro 30+ all stylishly presented in O Cosmedics branded Travel Bags. Enjoy savings off product AND receive the bag as a gift with purchase.


The Core of Christmas gift pack comes in the O Cosmedics Travel Bag and includes three skin essentials, the Gentle Antioxidant Cleansers, Eye Correct and the number one treatment hydrator Immortal Cream. The Core of Christmas is the perfect starter kit for skins looking for the ultimate awakening.

From our friends in NYC, leading Cosmeceutical brand emerginC makes the gift of skin solutions and skin youth way to easy. Wrapped in an elegant and super functional iPad come travel bag this gift packs includes emerginCs signature top sellers that when used as directed feed the skin with all the actives, nutrients and antioxidants it requires to stay young. Kit includes multi fruit cleanser, peach toner, vitamin C serum, multi vitamin and retinol serum, hypervitaliser face cream and eye cream and the infamous hot date mask vitamin c and retinol mask. RRP just $ 99 save $ 90

The Cleansing Duo Pack includes a cosmeceutical cleanser and toner purchase with purchase offer, pay just $ 10 for your choice of toner when you buy a signature range cleanser.

With Christmas approaching way to fast, we are confident that INSKIN COSMEDICS salons will be able to provide their clients skin transforming solutions and the ultimate gift of skin health, now who wouldnt love that this Christmas, said Inskin Cosmedics founder and CEO Marie Enna-Cocciolone.

For further information on gifts from Foot Peel and Minx Bronzing or any other information on Inskin Cosmedics go to: http://www.inskincosmedics.com or contact team(at)inskincosmedics(dot)com.

Small Planet Digital Ranked Fifth Best IPad App Development Agency by bestwebdesignagencies.com for October 2013

Friday, November 15th, 2013

(PRWEB) October 14, 2013

bestwebdesignagencies.com has awarded Small Planet Digital as the 5th best iPad development firm for the month of October 2013. iPad development firms are analyzed by the independent research team to establish which firms produce the best iPad development solutions. While there are thousands of mobile development firms offering solutions in the industry only the truly best are showcased within the listings.

IPad custom development consultants are put through the bestwebdesignagencies.com original evaluation process in order to decide which consultants offer the top overall service. Consultants are picked based on merit identified by performance in the evaluation process. This process consists of the use of a set of evaluation verticals, communicating with client references, and performing various market and industry research projects.

For a more meticulous examination of contending iPad development services the independent examination team at bestwebdesignagencies.com connects with customer references of the top contending web development services. Customers are asked various questions about the services supplied to them and about their experiences with the web development firm. Customers often go out of their way to reach bestwebdesignagencies.com directly to tell of their experiences and opinions pertaining to web development services.

Small Planet Digital has been put to the test as a part of the meticulous evaluation and has earned their position as the top iPad development firm. Through strong customer references and high scores in each of the five verticals of evaluation, Small Planet Digital has passed each phase of the evaluation process. Those looking for a stable iPad development firm to assist them should consider Small Planet Digital.

About Small Planet Digital

Small Planet Digital consists of passionate and hard-working individuals helping to create beautiful mobile applications on a variety of mobile platforms. Small Planet has worked with Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, UNC School of Medicine, and Time Inc. Among other companies to produce rich user-experiences on mobile platforms.

About bestwebdesignagencies.com

bestwebdesignagencies.com is a producer of web design and development research. The first ambition of bestwebdesignagencies.com is to establish and name those individuals or services offering best web design and development solutions available. IPad app development services are put through a thorough examination to ensure the listings contain the absolute best services the web design and development industry has to offer.

To find out more about Small Planet Digital visit:


For the listings of the top iPad custom development agencies visit:


Best format for videos to be inserted into Powerpoint presentations?

Wednesday, November 13th, 2013

Question by oriole52: Best format for videos to be inserted into Powerpoint presentations?
Was wondering if there is a video format that is the most ideal for playing from a Powerpoint presentation in terms of visual and sound quality. Size of file not an issue, quality is more important for me as I frequently have to insert videos into Powerpoints for my work. Thank you!

Best answer:

Answer by Mr Bond

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What is the best brand for iPhone 4 and ipad ?

Monday, October 14th, 2013

Question by almasa: What is the best brand for iPhone 4 and ipad ?
I want to buy long charging cables and covers for my iPhone 4 and ipad 3 what is/are best brand?

Best answer:

Answer by Bob
Here is all the mac and apple help in one place… Ask Apple here for free
1-800-MY-Apple ,and…
Check out the sites for more information.



http://www.macworld.com/ http://www.apple.com/support/ and


How to take Screenshots on iPad





http://www.ifixit.com/iPad-Parts and Mac parts

PS If this information helped or you appreciate the effort, volt best answer.

CompTIA A+ Certified Computer Professional

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What is the best way to clean my iPad 2 screen?

Saturday, September 28th, 2013

Question by : What is the best way to clean my iPad 2 screen?
I recently just used a water dampened eyeglass microfiber cloth to clean the screen. I noticed after a few uses of the iPad, it can easily get dirty and smudged with finger prints. Is using water the best way to clean the iPad? Please let me know some alternatives! Thanks in advance.
Please do not suggest Windex. Windex was not suggested by the Apple store, they said it can damaged the interior view of the screen.

Best answer:

Answer by Jadochop
If water sucks try Windex.

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What is the best web browsing app for ipad?

Saturday, August 31st, 2013

Question by Jonathan: What is the best web browsing app for ipad?
what is the best web browsing app on the App Store for ipad that supports flash and everything? I don’t care how much it costs I just want to know the best web browsing app out there.

Best answer:

Answer by Ashvin
Try Skyfire Web Browser for iPad


But remember that flash is ordinarily not supported on the iPad because of security issues. Here’s a document that explains the reasons why:


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How to make a brochure and powerpoint (best answer gets 10 points)?

Saturday, August 17th, 2013

Question by Tata: How to make a brochure and powerpoint (best answer gets 10 points)?
I need to make a brochure and a powerpoint on a business plan. Also I need to turn it on Monday. It would help if you tell me how to put in a flashdrive.
Help Plz.

Best answer:

Answer by In a silent way
Is this a troll question?

1) Buy/Download MS power point, and flashdrive.
2) Make the powerpoint(Pretty simple to figure out).
3) Plug the flashdrive into the usb port.
4) Wait for drivers to install, should take no more than 3 seconds.
5) After you are done making the powerpoint save it to the flashdrive. If you cannot find it save it to the desktop.
6) Start > Computer > removable drive.
7) Drag the powerpoint into the removable drive.
8) ????

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Ten Best iPad Development Companies Named by bestwebdesignagencies.com for July 2013

Saturday, August 17th, 2013

(PRWEB) July 22, 2013

The independent authority on web design and development, bestwebdesignagencies.com, has released their list of the ten best iPad development companies for the month of July 2013. Each month the top performing iPad development companies in the mobile app development industry are put through a meticulous evaluation by the independent research team. The primary objective of the rankings is to provide a listing of top companies offering iPad development solutions to businesses looking to use a reputable vendor.

The Ten Best iPad development companies for July 2013 are:

1) TechAhead Software

2) Intellectsoft

3) WillowTree Apps

WillowTree Apps Named Second Best Mobile Website Development Company by bestwebdesignagencies.com for July 2013

Thursday, August 8th, 2013

(PRWEB) July 13, 2013

The independent authority on web design and development, bestwebdesignagencies.com, has announced WillowTree Apps as the second best mobile website development company for the month of July 2013. Each month the top performing mobile website development companies are put through an in-depth analysis of their provided solutions in order to determine which solutions provide businesses with the best mobile web experience. The rankings are updated each month based on the latest research conducted by the independent research team.

WillowTree Apps is a mobile application and website development agency which focuses on creating unique and effective experiences for companies hoping to utilize mobile platforms. Their agile development and optimized designs allow them to create a strong experience for users in a limited real estate. They produce award winning services in mobile website development, facebook development, iPhone development, iPad development, and Android development.

The process which has been used to identify and rank the best mobile web conversion companies has been developed by bestwebdesignagencies.com over years of research and evaluation. Five points of evaluation are used to benchmark and compare the performance of the top performers in the industry. These five points for mobile website development include conversion, optimization, user interface, functionality, and support.

For a more in-depth evaluation, bestwebdesignagencies.com also connects with customer references of each of the companies included in the evaluations. When connecting with customer references, many are asked various general and specific questions about the services provided and the final product produced. Specific questions may include questions about the process, how the final product has affected their business, and their communications with the vendor.

During the evaluations, customers of WillowTree Apps were vocal about the excellent job and benefits achieved from providing a premium mobile experience for their users. Fast communication and efficient processes were uncovered during the evaluation, leading to the decision to name WillowTree Apps as the second best mobile website development company in the industry. Those looking for a strong and dedicated mobile web development company should connect with WillowTree Apps.

About bestwebdesignagencies.com

bestwebdesignagencies.com is an independent research firm with a dedication to providing a list of the best web design companies and web development firms in the industry. Through meticulous research and developed methods for evaluating and ranking companies, bestwebdesignagencies.com has provided customers of web design and development services with a great resource to find a top performing web design company. Evaluations are carried out by a specialized team of researchers who examine thousands of applicants each month.

bestwebdesignagencies.com provides their rankings free of charge to companies and individuals searching for a quality web design firm or looking for other design and development services with updates being provided on the first of each month. The website also provides information and resources for those looking to learn more about web design and development services.

For the listings of the best mobile website development companies visit:


Agencies interested in being highlighted in the rankings can visit: