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Much of the Train

June 13th, 2011
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Check out these powerpoint training images:

Much of the Train
powerpoint training

Image by Tabbymom Jen
I caught most of the private cars pulled by SP4449 on 8/2/09. We were sitting at a red light while they flew past on the bridge. This is my own creation to throw these mismatched photos together in PowerPoint, then crop in ACDSee.

The astute observer will note that the picture of the engine is from a different location (and day). I wasn’t quick enough to catch her on the bridge.
(best viewed large)

Training The Generations Slide
powerpoint training

Image by herzogbr
One of the slides that I really liked from the Library-Wide IT Proficiencies workshop – it shows the different training methods most effective with people from different generations – it goes along with a table from the presentation, on my website.

Create handout as a concept map from PowerPoint slides
powerpoint training

Image by Laura B. Dahl

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