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The Panorama House Final Frame

Thursday, March 8th, 2012

030712-Panorama-House.jpgThe Panorama Residence by Moon Hoon offers constructed-in property theater stadium seating (and a slide for children and grownups alike):

The focal point of this Korean residence is the central multifunctional area, namely the wooden staircase which integrates a slide, bookshelves, studying nooks, and even cinema seating oriented toward a projection display.

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Open thread for night owls: The Mitt Romney as robot theory

Thursday, March 8th, 2012
Open Thread for Night Owls

Earlier this week Mitt Romney invested some time blustering about Iran and international policy in the Washington Publish, presumably as portion of ongoing hard work to seem like he might give a damn about both. Practically nothing about his op-ed dissuaded me from my most latest Mitt Romney origin idea, which is that Candidate Mitt was assembled in bits somewhere in the bowels of a conservative investigation facility utilizing spare areas left in excess of from the construction of other failed conservatives on the additionally side, this would make the building of Mitt-Bot 2012 the closest factor America has left to a producing sector.

The only trouble in pinpointing which 12 months this replicant thinks he is living in is that although his coverage prescriptions are often a mash of random, blustering statements taken in fragments from past conservatives, there would seem no connecting concept to any of it. Couple this with an understanding of modern-day American history that would seem cribbed collectively from the conservative equivalent of Bazooka Joe wrappers and the final results are … properly, unimpressive at very best.

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Blast from the Previous. At Daily Kos on this date in 2003:

A competent president would look for out the challenging queries — proving by force of argument the truthfulness of his situation. This is somethig Blair does practically weekly. Instead, Bush punishes any dissent (read: “true journalism”) and coddles the weakest among the press corps. That team has to be the laughing stock of the journalism world.

Bush fanatic Andrew Sullivan, in in between bashing France, Germany, and Russia, had this to say:

The spin is that he was trying to look serene and reassuring. I just thought he seemed wiped. There have been moments when he nearly seemed catatonic with fatigue.

All in all, even though, this press conference struck me as a slip-up. He looked drained, wan, exhausted from this interminable diplomatic approach. He appeared defeated to me – and the U.N. has efficiently defeated him and protected Saddam.

Ha ha! As if Bush is operating around the UN corridors trying to spherical up votes. That’s what the State Department is for. Bush helps make the occasional cellphone get in touch with, and he is bushed? I guess when you have to make an excuse for your president’s pathetic overall performance, may well as properly spin it into yet another anti-UN diatribe.

Tweet of the Day:

I presently have my Heritage piece ready on how many far more pixels the American “poor” have than actually just before. #ipad
— @jesseltaylor by way of internet

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Daily Kos Elections Polling Wrap: The post-Super Tuesday lull (and a well earned shout-out)

Thursday, March 8th, 2012

Tremendous Tuesday is now in the rear-watch mirror, ushering in a few minutes of relative tranquil just before Kansas retains its caucuses this weekend, and “Deep South Tuesday” pops off following week with the Alabama/Mississippi primaries.

That serene is mirrored in modern info load, which is as light as Mondays was hefty. Just about a 50 percent dozen polls grace the Wrap tonight, such as two sets of common election numbers in states that practically no one particular has on their target lists appear November (and the polls are a good indicator for why that is the case).

GOP Major:

National (Gallup Tracking): Romney 37, Santorum 23, Gingrich 14, Paul eleven

Countrywide (YouGov): Romney 31, Santorum 22, Gingrich 19, Paul 11

NEW YORK (Siena): Romney 38, Santorum 23, Gingrich 13, Paul eleven


Countrywide (Rasmussen Monitoring): Obama d. Romney (49-42) Obama d. Santorum (49-40)

National (YouGov): Obama d. Paul (48-41) Obama d. Romney (49-41) Obama d. Santorum (fifty-42) Obama d. Gingrich (50-39)

NEBRASKA (Rasmussen): Romney d. Obama (52-35) Santorum d. Obama (49-37)

NEW YORK (Siena): Obama d. Romney (sixty-34) Obama d. Paul (sixty two-29) Obama d. Santorum (sixty four-30) Obama d. Gingrich (66-27)

Follow previous the fold for the effectively-deserved plaudits, and a tiny tweak of the nose, to boot.

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President Obama Announces $1 Billion Fund to Promote Energy Efficient Vehicles

Thursday, March 8th, 2012
President Barack Obama tours a Daimler Trucks North America plant (March 7, 2012)

President Barack Obama excursions Daimler Trucks North The usa Mt. Holly Truck Producing Plant in Mount Holly, North Carolina, March 7, 2012. On this element of the tour the President noticed the Chassis Airing Station the place multi-coloured nylon air lines are set up for the brake system. (Official White Residence Image by Pete Souza)

Nowadays, President Obama made a vacation to a developing plant for Daimler Vans North America in Mount Holly, North Carolina. He was in the Tar Heel state to&nbspdiscuss more methods his administration is getting an all-of-the-over strategy to American power.&nbsp

He talked about how his administration is pursuing new domestic vitality resources, increasing oil and fuel production, and reducing our overall reliance on oil by way of advancement of renewable electricity.&nbsp

But at a put exactly where workers are occupied assembling vans that operate on all-natural fuel, the President also declared a new $ one billion Nationwide Local community Deployment Problem to aid enhance the deployment of clean, innovative vehicles all over America:

To cities and towns all throughout the region, what we&rsquore heading to say is, if you make a dedication to get far more advanced autos for your community — no matter whether they operate on electricity or biofuels or organic fuel — we&rsquoll aid you minimize by means of the red tape and construct fueling stations close by. And we&rsquoll offer you tax breaks to family members that get these automobiles, businesses that buy different gasoline vans like the ones that are produced appropriate here at Mount Holly. So we&rsquore heading to give communities across the nation a lot more of an incentive to make the shift to a lot more energy-successful automobiles.

Have queries about President Obama's Blueprint for American-Made Power? Find out far more below.


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The Next iPhone Probably Won’t Have A Name, Either (AAPL)

Thursday, March 8th, 2012

steve jobs iphone tbi

One of the few surprises in today’s Apple function was the name of the principal merchandise it was announcing.

It really is the iPad.

This is the 3rd era iPad, and it is quite a little bit better than the iPad 2. But Apple did not give it a title like iPad 3 or iPad 3D or iPad 2S or anything. It is just “the new iPad.”

That led developer&nbspJonas Lekevicius to forecast that the up coming iPhone will be named “the new iPhone.”

That could generate a problem for carriers like AT&ampT.

Right now, their item pages are stuffed with diverse versions of the iPhone at diverse costs. It truly is likely to be awfully challenging for customers to figure out which phone they want if they are all referred to as the same point.

Except — most individuals never store that way.

Likely in, they most likely have a tough thought which sort of telephone they want: iPhone, Android (probably from a specific business like Samsung), or possibly a BlackBerry or Nokia. They have some notion how considerably they are ready to pay out. That’s about it.

Most folks probably appear at AT&ampT’s web page and have no thought what the distinction is between the iPhone 4S and 4 and 3G. Other than they most likely figure that the larger numbers are newer, and so in some way much better.

A few years from now, they’ll just see “iPhone” and a bunch of diverse value factors. If they dig down, they can see the exact specs.

Which is greater for Apple’s brand, and much less perplexing for purchasers.






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The Proper Way to Cite Tweets in your Paper

Thursday, March 8th, 2012

When Twitter launched in early 2006, it was meant to be put in which folks would share “what they have been doing” in one hundred forty characters or much less.

That quickly modified and Twitter transformed into a communication channel the place individuals would go to learn breaking information, businesses would offer you consumer support or share solution roadmaps, superstars connected with followers and political activists living underneath oppressive regimes employed Twitter to reach a worldwide audience.

No speculate these tweets, though still constrained to one hundred forty characters, often inspire reports tales in conventional media, scientists cite tweets in their academic papers and authors have written full books employing curated tweets – see Tweets from Tahrir and The Globe In accordance to Twitter.

How to Cite Tweets – APA &amp MLA Style

Cite Twitter

Citation Recommendations for Tweets

The schooling and investigation group follows a set of recommendations and formatting principles – like the MLA Fashion and the APA Type – to appropriately cite first resources in their writing and these type guides do offer advice on citing tweets as nicely.

The APA Fashion recommends the adhering to format (every thing in CAPS ought to be replaced with corresponding values offered in the authentic tweet):

TWITTER_Take care of. (TWEET_DATE) . TWEET_TEXT [Twitter post]. Retrieved from TWEET_Web address

The MLA Fashion recommends a marginally distinct format:

User_Entire_Name (TWITTER_Manage). &quotTWEET_TEXT&quot TWEET_DATE, TWEET_TIME. Tweet.

There are a few of important variations in the two formats.

The APA Type recommends including the Tweet Url (or permalink) and only the date (and not the time) of the tweet in the citation.

The MLA Design recommends incorporating the author’s genuine name in the citation as well as their Twitter handle. It also suggests which includes the date and time of the tweet in the citation and it really should “reflect the reader’s time zone.” The notion is that utilizing a constant time-zone will help long term researchers “to precisely assess the timing of tweets as prolonged as the tweets are all study in a single time zone.”

I do even so uncover it strange that the MLA fashion neither includes the Tweet Url nor the Tweet ID in the citation. With out this details, it will be tough for scientists to fetch the original tweet from Twitter as research engines like Google aren’t quite excellent at digging previous tweets.

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Post-Super Tuesday Message to Newt: Get Out!

Thursday, March 8th, 2012

Super Tuesday is driving us and with the results exhibiting that the race is increasingly between Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum, the two are calling for Newt Gingrich to scram.

In accordance to The Washington Article, Santorum’s camp created it crystal clear that Gingrich, who was only successful in Georgia last night, ought to distinct the way for Santorum and quit using votes from their guy.


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Abercrombie Staff Members Forced to Do Push-ups as Punishment

Wednesday, March 7th, 2012

An Italian labor union is none-too-pleased with supervisors at an Abercrombie &amp Fitch keep in Milan, right after former employees members exposed that they have been punished with exercise. In accordance to the Guardian, male keep workers have been compelled to do 10 pushups every single time they made a blunder, although female staff were

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Blogger Demonstrates Serious Flaw in TSA Body Scanners

Wednesday, March 7th, 2012
Blogger Demonstrates Serious Flaw in TSA Body Scanners

Click on here to look at this media

A blogger on Tuesday revealed a video clip exhibiting how he had snuck a modest metallic circumstance by way of the Transportation and Protection Administration’s (TSA) “billion dollar fleet” of so-referred to as nude human body scanners.

Engineer Jonathan Corbett, who runs the weblog TSA Out of Our Pants, explained that the difficulty lies in how the scanner employs dim colors to highlight prospective threats like weapons or explosives.

“Yet again that’s light determine, black track record, and BLACK danger products,” he explained. “Sure that’s proper, if you have a metallic object on your side, it will be the same coloration as the track record and for that reason fully invisible to each visual and automatic inspection.”

“To place it to the test, I acquired a sewing kit from the greenback store, broke out my 8th grade property ec abilities, and sewed a pocket immediately on the side of a shirt. Then I took a random metallic object, in this circumstance a hefty steel carrying scenario that would very easily alarm any of the ‘old’ metal detectors, and walked via a backscatter x-ray at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood Intercontinental Airport.”

Yet again at Cleveland-Hopkins Global Airport, Corbett effectively carried his modest, empty metal case via the scanners.

“Although I carried the metallic circumstance empty, by one with mal-intent, it could very easily have been filled with razor blades, explosives, or 1 of Charlie Sheen’s infamous 7 gram rocks of cocaine,” he warned. “With a even bigger pocket, probably sewn on the inside of the shirt, even a firearm could get via.”

Previous calendar year, Corbett filed a lawsuit (PDF) towards the TSA, declaring that the company had violated his Fourth Amendment legal rights. That suit was dismissed earlier this yr and he filed another lawsuit on 21 further counts, including false arrest, violating the Civil Rights Act, infliction of psychological distress and conspiracy.

“Now, I’m certain the TSA will accuse me of aiding the terrorists by releasing this video clip, but it is over and above opinion that the terrorists have not currently figured this out and are presently plotting to use this in opposition to us,” he opined in his Tuesday video clip. “The TSA is even worse than ineffective: they are an epic fail placing us all in risk. … We ought to all stand with each other and desire an finish to the business that molests our people even though putting us in risk by immediately ignoring blatant protection flaws.”

(H/T: Mashable)

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Video Of the Day: Taiwanese Animation on the Bounty Program

Wednesday, March 7th, 2012

We’ve looked at the ridiculous Taiwanese Animation clips prior to, and this one particular is is a must see. They have a exclusive appear at the controversy surrounding the Saints. Brett Favre is featured in a way that all Bears followers will appreciate. And is that Chicago’s Jay Cutler around the :35 2nd mark running over the Giants, and who are these two Bears that are caught up in the unlawful action in that following scene?

Remember to notice that this clip is rated WCG-MA for violence, drug use, and language. So consider the leap if you dare.

New Orleans Saints deal with NFL punishment in ‘bounty-gate’ (by means of NMAWorldEdition)

Windy Town Gridiron