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National Guard Adjutants General Visit the White House, Meet with Vice President Biden

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012
VP Biden shakes hands with General McKinley during National Guard Adjutants General Visit to the White House

VP Biden shakes fingers with Standard McKinley, Chief of the National Guard Bureau, following speaking to Nationwide Guard Adjutants General Meeting at the White Home.

February 29, 2012.

(Official White Residence Photograph by David Lienemann)

These days Vice President Biden spoke with the leading rating National Guard Officers from each state and territory to thank them for their services and talk about some of the most pressing issues dealing with the Guard today.

At a White Residence meeting with the National Guard&rsquos fifty four Adjutants Standard, the Vice President talked about The us&rsquos position in the globe 3 several years into the Administration. From Iraq to Afghanistan, the Vice President mentioned the progress made and the difficulties nonetheless forward. He explained that nothing at all we&rsquove attained in those nations around the world would have been possible with out the commitment and unparalleled provider of our men and women in uniform.

&ldquoThis 9/eleven Era is greater than any era of warriors we have actually developed in the history of the globe,&rdquo he stated. &ldquoI&rsquom just in awe of the way all of you stepped up.&rdquo

And although thanking the Generals for their service, he also stressed that The us&rsquos commitment to its servicemembers can&rsquot halt when they phase off the battlefield. The Vice President promised that we won&rsquot &ldquoyield one solitary solitary inch&rdquo on making sure that all of our veterans have &ldquothe care they need to have&rdquo and &ldquothe chances for jobs they deserve.&rdquo

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OSS: Geometric Ditka

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012



A lot more OSS &gt&gt

Digital prints, wall art and t-shirts of ‘Geometric Ditka’, as well as other Bears models, are accessible on my new on the web shop. And as a token of my appreciation to you good folks right here on WCG, I am offering a 10% low cost on any wall artwork or digital prints through the conclude of March. Just use coupon code CM-WCG-001 when you examine out.

Also, I’m planning on performing a series of these ‘Geometric Bears’ illustrations, capturing some of the most iconic Bears of the two the previous and current. I was thinking of performing Brian Urlacher following, but desired to poll you men on who you assumed I ought to take on. Go away your answers in the remarks beneath. As a pre-warning, all “Gate 68″ solutions will be thrown out, and that commenter will receive a single demerit on their WCG e-standing.

And be positive to follow me on twitter and facebook for a lot more random ‘shops, illustrations and other things that I am up to.

Windy City Gridiron

What is ‘PowerPoint Broadcast’ (.ppt)?:

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

- Use PowerPoint Broadcast on the Mac or PC to present ideas to people in different locations. – Participants can even view on their mobile phone.

More here:
What is ‘PowerPoint Broadcast’ (.ppt)?:

Cool Ipad images

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

Some cool ipad photographs:


Image by Yohei Yamashita

iPad 2

Image by semicolon

iPad two

Image by semicolon

Best way to import Powerpoint?

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

Hi, I’ve been asked to import a Powerpoint slide into the edit as a still. Because Avid doesn’t support .ppt I exported via Microsoft Powerpoint as a ‘JPEG File Interchange Format’ – highest quality – then imported into Avid

See the article here:
Best way to import Powerpoint?

‘The Valley Of Horses’: Once More Into The Breach

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

It is uncommon for Classic Trash to revisit a series. 1 can not stage into the exact same attic of flowers or coven of teen witches twice, as Heraclitus of Ephesus so memorably informed us. But in a case like this, in which our intrepid Ayla came so significantly without… truly coming at all… it behooves the modern society of excellent viewers to comply with her to More than The Top Pleasure Mountain. We owe it to her, guys.

Not that it was a chore! The Valley of Horses, by equine and cave-individual enthusiast Jean M. Auel, is a great time. Admittedly, the Next guide (The Mammoth Hunters) is exactly where the real cheap fun is at&mdashI have not noticed such CRAZED SMUT since, um, those Anne Rice textbooks that are not about vampires. You know what I’m speaking about. In any case, if you missed our Clan of the Cave Bear session, you can catch up right here. Let us get again to the enjoy the female-pleasant adore. Jondalar, you see, is the initial male character we’ve satisfied who understands how to locate “the nodule.” Round of applause for Jondalar!

The adorable cheeseball vagina-centered Mists of Avalon-esque sexuality is this kind of a delightful alter of rate. It’s a small like Philip Roth wrote the first 1 to find the money for a divorce, and then the second a single was published by a bunch of chicks on the Internet who own crystal deodorant. In the greatest possible way, I hasten to include! I imply, we’re calling intercourse “The Gift of Satisfaction” now. Which, significantly, is that not that absolute very best name for a sex toy store you’ve got ever before noticed? Hey, enterprise capitalists, there are a good deal of nostalgic YA-reading Millennials out there, and they want to buy Hitachi Magic Wands from someone, y’know?

I digress! Now, my extremely initial coherent thought upon cracking The Valley of Horses&mdashapart from “Jesus, Ayla, you are likely to get squeamish about carrying hearth-starting implements since of the patriarchy AT THIS Level? I mean, critically, grrrl, it truly is time to free of charge your brain from the confines of your oppressors. What is this, the Panopticon?”&mdashwas “I spy a slight homage to Pride and Prejudice.”

Did you catch it? Am I just programmed to spot the Divine One’s hand at perform in all factors? Look: Jondalar is evidently a single guy in possession of a number of leather thongs in want of a mate, and his brother, Thonolan, is These kinds of a Bingley (cheerful, by no means retains a grudge, and so forth.) Can not you just photograph Bingley getting gored in the groin by a rhino and being all “oh, will not spoil the get together on my account!”

I was mostly convinced of the Jondalar-Darcy parallel until finally: “The odor of horse was powerful, not from the dry wind in his confront carrying their scorching rangy odor, but from the ripe dung he had rubbed on his human body and held in his armpits to disguise his very own scent if the wind shifted.” Not… so significantly. That looks more Wickham-y to me. And then, quickly sufficient, we get to what y’all had been hinting at in the feedback very last time: Jondalar’s huge wang. Wow. I haven’t seen these kinds of adjectives for a penis since Fanny Hill. The very poor man, wandering the earth in search of a vagina that can much more very easily accommodate his thunder. Dangle in there, huge guy! That Ayla, she can do everything. Including, in this latest installment, inventing the hairbrush and horseback riding.

I hadn’t realized that our lovebirds would just take 50 percent of the ebook to uncover every other, which was a gentle disappointment to yours truly. In the meantime, we get heaps of Jondalar’s individuals messing with “the flatheads” for activity, which, uh, I know we’re intended to root for tolerance and every little thing, but the occasions of the final e-book absolutely soured me on Neanderthals, and I was fairly open up to wiping them out. You noticed it here first: Traditional Trash endorses genocide! Do not worry, Jondalar happens about in his possess time, when he isn’t really obtaining with alllll the females. The crucial issue is that a whole lot of the rest of the ebook is taken up with cave-lion and horse training and fashioning baskets out of twigs, which is absolutely my jam.

Ayla being Ayla, right, tosses herself up on her yearling filly’s again (never do that!) and right away manages to gallop about like a pro, bareback. Bullshit, Ayla.

Total disclosure: I am owned by a good mare of definitely epic sweetness and stupidity, who would have survived in this guide for twenty seconds, as she is terrified of a) the outdoors, b) all avian inhabitants of the outside and c) water that does not come in warmed buckets. If she was set free by animal-rights activists, she would search frantically for a human who could make sure she does not have her medium-fat blanket on way too much into fly-sheet season. Come to believe of it, I couldn’t even slaughter and consume her in a pinch, since she’s chock-full of non-foodstuff-quality health supplements. She would be a terrible companion to have in Neolithic Ukraine. (<3 u, baby girl! Momma doesn't mean it!)

You know what you genuinely do not want to have as your companion in Neolithic Ukraine? A infant cave lion. You know that is not likely to stop effectively. Have confidence in, no one is singing Hakuna Matata by the finish of this novel. Not to mention that it isn’t going to take a diploma in psychology to figure out that becoming forced to go away your son with the Neanderthals, and then getting in a infant cave lion which you identify “Baby” includes some harmful transference. It’s time you found a mate. A mate who’s only been lightly mauled by your “Newborn.”

Speaking of unhealthy, did you catch the part exactly where Ayla watches Whinney get drilled by a stallion and gets seriously turned on? She almost certainly would have settled for Broud at that position.

Jondalar, all in all, is a bit too significantly, and not just in the way we reviewed previously. He is like Feminist Cro-Magnon Ryan Gosling. Am I kidding? No. “But I want a girl, not a lady… I want her to have spirit, to know her very own head. I want her young and aged, naive and wise, all at the identical time.” “Sometimes girls who are not perfect are far more fascinating: they’ve accomplished more, or learned something.” Jondalar, are you just trying to get in our fur-and-leather pants, or is this for actual? I have a sneaking suspicion that Jondalar is that man who will take the Intro to Gender Reports course to get phone quantities. Prove me incorrect in potential publications, guy!

Dialogue Concerns

&bull Ayla utilizes “tender absorbent leather straps” to catch her menstrual movement. Why on earth would you do that? Wouldn’t you use, like, moss, or one thing? Actually, I am stunned she does not have a Diva Cup. And then she employs a adhere in the filth to chart her cycle! There is certainly an app for that now.

&bull Did anybody else keep thinking of The Land Before Time during this one? How significantly did you cry for the duration of The Land Before Time?

&bull SO impressed by Ayla’s rigid adherence to the Paleo diet: Dried meat! Lichen! Seaweed! Vegetables! Berries! Tubers! Occasional handfuls of grain! And she completely does high-intensity interval coaching. She’s essentially CrossFit. How several burpees could Ayla do in seven minutes?

&bull What would your totem be? Simply because this is present day times, you can select a celeb as your totem. Like, Debra Winger. I want Debra Winger to be my totem.

&bull Have you tried the crystal deodorant point? I have by no means gone there. I cloth-diaper my child like a whole hippie, but when it happens to my pits, I want the highest percentage of aluminum that Proctor and Gamble is allowed to set on the market place.

&bull Is there anything at all worse than men who are making an attempt to figure out the that means of daily life? Severely. C’mon, Jondalar, let’s go back again to mattress.

&bull Ayla does that trout-tickling (not a euphemism) thing we don’t forget from Danny: The Champion of the Globe, which I consider to be the biggest parenting manual ever before composed, minus the theft and the bullet-dodging. It was Dahl’s favorite of his guides, what is yours? I am a BFG girl.

&bull Jonadalar shaves! With a flint razor. Did they truly do that? Is there any likelihood, however remote, that Cro-Magnons invented the soul patch?

&bull You have viewed “Deadly Points of interest,” that show about individuals acquiring mauled by their unique pets, appropriate? Never adopt a cave lion.

And for following time, let us have a Vintage Trash for English Majors choice and do Donna Tartt’s The Solution Historical past.

Nicole Cliffe is the proprietress of Lazy Self-Indulgent Book Testimonials.

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The Awl

Labor News and Notes Round-up

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

The most recent stories from the entrance lines of the labor combat across the nation …

  • Facebook is expanding its operations in anti-union North Carolina utilizing IBEW staff (see video clip previously mentioned)
  • The Cry Wolf Undertaking is tracking and debunking right-wing promises that every little thing that Democrats do is killing work opportunities
  • American Rights at Operate has launched a new internet site ‘Wrong for Everyone’, that requires on right-to-perform (for significantly less) laws
  • Rocky Mountain Teach tickets were given as schwag at the Oscars even with the company’s existing lockout
  • Politifact claims Mitt Romney is lying to say that Barack Obama gave the automobile companies to the UAW
  • Romney is bashing unions now, but he lauded them in 2002 in connection with the Olympics
  • Is Staff Compensation the subsequent entrance in the assault on labor?
  • Is the speaker of the Property, Brian Bosma, moonlighting as a union-busting legal professional?
  • The Scott Walker recall is presently a toss-up
  • The Walker recall election could get spot as early as May 29
  • 4 states are attempting to boost the minimal wage this calendar year, regardless of powerful opposition
  • German workers had been stunned by U.S. anti-unionism in a tour of T-Mobile’s American functions
  • Union ironworkers are standing up for their non-union brethren in opposition to Wal-Mart

  • Crooks and Liars

    Sales Motivation-Setting Nasty Goals – Sales Training Speaker Victor Antonio

    Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

    Revenue inspiration and sales coaching online video on why individuals will not set objectives in their lives in order to be successful. motivational speaker and public speaker Victor Antonio with Product sales Have an effect on

    Camtasia and PowerPoint 2010 Webinar Demo

    Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

    www.learncamtasia.com – description. A sample online video manufactured Reside throughout a webinar to display a PowerPoint 2010 template utilised to made a Camtasia Online video.
    Movie Rating: five / 5

    Q&A: Why is my design template not appearing in PowerPoint?

    Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

    Problem by : Why is my design template not showing in PowerPoint?
    I am making an attempt to implement a style template to a PowerPoint presentation. I saved numerous templates in the “templates” folder of Microsoft I see these style templates on the “slide layout” task pane in “accessible for use.” Even so, when I click the templates I produced, they never seem to be to implement as a substitute, I see a basic white basic presentation. (The default Microsoft layout templates DO utilize if I have a single of people templates applied and I click one I designed, the presentation goes to basic white.) Why aren’t my templates applying? For reference, I have PowerPoint 2003.
    They weren’t actual templates, but images I saved them as design templates (which I thought you could do). Once more, I see the actual styles on the process pane, just when I click them, they never seem to utilize.

    Best response:

    Solution by Mujer Alta
    Are the templates appropriate with PP 2003? Some of them are only for newer versions. Try a appropriate click on on a single of them (in the folder, not in PP), scroll down to “Properties” and see if you can find a date (aside from the date you downloaded them). If the date is newer than 2003, they most likely won’t work.

    Added: I haven’t utilized v2003 for a couple of a long time. I located this. Did you shut PP and then relaunch it. Scroll all the way down to the final paragraph which presents instructions about utilizing the new templates you create. There are a couple of hoops to leap by means of-)


    Significantly Luck!

    Give your response to this query under!